Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh my goodness...

Time is flying. Ansi, it's like turbo-charged. These past couple weeks have just been a blur. Mom arrives in 6 days! Just a while ago it was 6 months.

I've been spending most of my time saying goodbye to everyone, because while I will still be in Italy for about 4 more weeks, the last couple weeks will be a pure chaos (even if it's a pleasant chaos!)

Today I went to my last Rotary meeting. I said goodbye to Murnik. All I could say was "grazie grazie grazie" through the tears, and just nod.

che emozione ragazzi!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Dear Everyone,

It’s been ages, I know. Sorry! I just went off to Rome and didn’t mention it for weeks. The most important thing about Rome that you need to know is that YOU MUST GO. I was talking with my Dad and trying to describe it... Rome is Milan with her hair let down. It’s messy in ways that Milan would never dare to be. The main differences I saw between Florence and Rome, is that Florence was kind of chill and modest. Rome is not modest in any way. It knows its superior and it doesn’t care what you think. When we went May was just beginning- but the sun shone like it hadn’t shone my entire exchange, with any discomfort being swept away by the breeze. And the accent!!! How wonderfully bouncy!

While we were in Rome we saw tons of things in very little time.
I’ll try to make a list:
The Pantheon
The Spanish Steps
The Vatican City
(The Sistine Chapel, The rooms of Raffaelo, More modern art like Salvador Dali’)
The Colosseum
Saint Peter’s Basilica.
(La pieta’ and we went up to the cupola!)
A cool downtown zone (for the evening)
Another Michelango sculpture that I’ve forgotten the name of.
Roman ruins.
Double decker bus tour
The Trevi Fountain

I think that’s it…?
Keep in mind we did this all in two days (our arrival and departure days we did nothing)
I can only describe it as the most beautiful frenzy I’ve ever experienced. After exploring the city all day, we would all trek back out to our hotel in the outskirts and continue the festivities. The friendliness of the Romans was evident and I felt invigorated by the brightness of it all. Milan is glorious in its own way- but it’s just not bright. It’s gray.

We boarded the train months too soon.

Since then I’ve tried to knuckle down and do some school work, but it is increasingly more difficult as May breaks through even Milan’s cloud cover. All I want to do is be outside and roam around this city with the last bit of my time!! Jody got me a pedometer, and it just eggs me on. Today for instance, I walked 16.8 km. How many miles is that?

My happiness is overwhelming- and just to know that school will end in 3 weeks and a week later my mom will arrive- CHE MERAVIGLIA! J

Seeing you all so incredibly soon,

Monday, April 27, 2009



So I do have some more Menaggio photos on the way, but they might take a while. And Cremona photos too! We all (Rotary kids) took a day trip to Cremona like a week or two ago. The Stradivarius comes from Cremona, and it's still a violin-making hot spot. We got to see a violin workshop and a violin- maker spoke to us about his job and answered our questions. Then we went to the museum where we saw some of the most ancient, beautiful, and valuable violins in the entire world. Really amazing. Then we tried to go up the tower (I'd already done it) but it was closing. Poor Murnik tried so hard, saying stuff like "Oh c'mon. They're young! They'll be up and down in a blink of an eye." But it didn't work. So we had a bit of free time and I went to check out this fabulous tea shop with Halcy and Danielle, while walking halfway across the city (this isn't saying much, really). We met back up with everyone and went to a local place for dinner. Yum yum.

Danielle spent the night at my place because her host family was out of town, so we got up early and made my host family pancakes. Not sure how much they liked them. The term "brunch" just didn't sit well with my host dad. He was all disoriented. Haha. Well, we tried. Danielle and I, at least, ate our banana pancakes with gusto. Actually now that I'm really thinking about it, banana pancakes are so UN-Italian that the confused look on Claudio's face is completely understandable. Besides, Italians aren't used to condensing two meals into one. Expanding two meals into three, MAYBE.

This past week in school I got an 8 in Philosophy! So that made me pretty happy. And an 8 in English, and I know I have a slightly gigantic advantage there, but she grades me hard people! Anyways, the grade really doesn't matter. The important part was how she went on about how proud she was that I have "really adapted to the European school system" and that I should take home the habit of "profound thinking" back to the states. What a cutie, eh? We were studying Shakespeare and I really can't help but get excited about that.

This past Saturday was a holiday here. It the celebration of the day that marked the beginning of the end of WWII. Guess what day that is? When the Americans arrived in Milan! I felt especially patriotic. But anyways, it pretty much meant that I was treated to an American weekend (No school on Saturday!). It was quite strange, I mus tell you, to be going out on Friday night. I had to rely on muscle memory, if you will. It was a lot of fun. I went out with Isa and my host brother and a whole bunch of their mutual friends to a kareoke bar (yes I did this) and then crashed at Isa's place real close by. We're talking about 12 people sleeping in one room. Gosh, it took me back to the days when my older brothers would have friends over and I'd tiptoe through the family room the next morning over endless teenage boys on the floor, sofa, armchair...good times. But anyways, I lucked out because I got to sleep on the bed with 3 other girls. The next day I went through the Duomo area and saw the end of some anti-fascism demonstration that was going on. Lots of dreds. I took a picture of people milling about after. Maybe I'll post it, just so you can see. I met up with a couple of exchangers and Italian host siblings for a quick aperativo near the Peace Arc. Sunday was rainy and I did very close to nothing all day.

I'm very excited for Rome, which I will leave for on Thursday!!!

Gosh, in general, I'm great! The weather, for the most part, has been beautiful which means I'm insanely chipper all the time. Nearly every time I come home I exclaim "Ma che bel tempo!!!" (What beautiful weather!).

Spring has arrived.
and Grace is diggin' it.

(Every time I used third person I think of the play Julius Caesar and how he always referred to himself in 3rd person, and then I always delete it. But this time, I'm staying strong. Yeah, I'm weird.)

Love to all,